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Without the help of parents and guardians, we wouldn't have a Scout Group! THANK YOU to all of 8th Wimbledon's parents for all of your help and support in running the Group. Without your support, none of the activities we are able to run could exist.

The Parent Portal of Online Scout Manager, OSM

We use this amazing facility to keep track of our Members and their progress through Scouting, their badges gained and also for so many other reasons - and you as a parent/guardian of a child in the Group get to see their records and update us on any changes to things like contact details or next of kin etc. OSM and the Parent Portal are fully GDPR compliant.

How does the Parent Portal work?

When your child first looks to join the 8th Wimbledon you will probably have put their basic details onto our Waiting List. Once they are invited to start coming along to enjoy the fun we offer, we will internally move their information from off the Waiting List and into the main area of OSM, where we keep the data for Members of our Sections (Beaver, Cubs and Scouts). By us doing this you will then receive an email message inviting you to create your own free personalised login and to fully join OSM.

It is important that you only follow the link in the invitation email to create your own OSM login, which is then automatically linked to your child.

Once you are fully registered through the Parent Portal with OSM you can then view and amend details on your child’s record. It is also incredibly important that you let us know as much information as possible and that you also tick the approval for Gift Aid and for as many permissions as you feel happy with… for example, for us to use photographs of your child in our promotional material.

Through the Parent Portal you will receive email newsletters from us, you will find details of outings, special Meetings, Camps, Expeditions, social events and fund raising events, all relevant to your child and the Group.

You will be able to pay for all of the above and for termly Membership Subscriptions securely using the Parent Portal of OSM.

Please follow this link to find out more about the facilities of the Parent Portal. You can also use it to find out Badge placements and Badge Requirements so that you can help your child to gain more Badges and Awards outside of weekly Section Meetings. It offers so much.

Membership Subscriptions

As a parent/guardian of a child in the Group, we ask you to pay a Membership Subscription each term. 

This is £32.50 for Beaver Scouts and £40 for Cub Scouts and Scouts: this money goes toward providing resources for use week in week out, including: badges, insurance, rent for our meeting hall, Membership of the UK Scout Association and everyday equipment used as part of the weekly Section Meetings. 

When it is time to pay this you will receive an email message from our Group Treasurer requesting payment. Just follow the instructions in the email and pay online to continue your child’s enjoyment of Scouting for that term.

Follow this link for instruction videos regarding Payments on OSM.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer and you earn more than the amount of your donation, we can claim back money from the Government on your donation. This is such an important element to our fundraising and this, along with fundraising, helps us to keep the Termly Membership Subscriptions as low as possible. 

Meeting times

We tend to operate our weekly Meetings for the Sections on the same schedule as Term Times for London Borough of Merton Schools. These dates may be found here: https://www.merton.gov.uk/education-and-learning/schools/school-term-dates-and-holidays

On occasion weekly Meetings will be cancelled or moved to another location for an activity to happen - we let our parents know details of this through the Parent Portal of OSM.

Helping out and Parents’ Rotas

On occasion you will see a request via the Parent Portal for volunteer parents for one of the weekly Section Meetings, for an outing or for a Camp/Expedition. 

All of our Leaders and committee members are 100% volunteers and we sometimes need to get extra pairs of hands to help make an experience happen for our young Members. Please do consider volunteering. We like each family to at least volunteer to help with something once a year when a request is sent out and, in advance, thank you once again for your support.

If you are considering offering even more volunteering time then have a look at what The Scout Association says about Volunteering as an adult and then come back to us...

If you would like to find out about the opportunities we currently have in the 8th Wimbledon then please take a look at our ADULT VOLUNTEERS page.

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